How lớn Fix "Your connection is not secure" Mozilla Firefox Error

Being protected online, you are also restricted in certain ways. The Mozilla Firefox error "Your connection is not secure" prevents you from accessing various websites. This error usually occurs when the validation certificate is not completed, và the encryption màn chơi is not svào enough.

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In such cases, you could cliông chồng the "Go Back" button, but you will be unable khổng lồ return khổng lồ the web page. You could also try lớn override the warning và continue to lớn access the web page regardless, but this could put your computer at risk due to the vulnerable communication channel.

The error message usually returns a "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" error code related to SSL (Secure Socket Layers). SSL is an Internet Security Protocol designed khổng lồ protect users from personal and financial information leaks.

If you receive sầu the error, the web page is not recognized và not secure, or the site contains unsafe content such as malware or viruses. Other things that could trigger this error could be a false SSL certificate name, incorrect date & time settings on your computer, outdated or corrupted browser, antivirut software blocking the site, etc.

This guide outlines several solutions to lớn the "Your connection is not secure" Mozilla Firefox issue. Follow the steps below khổng lồ remove sầu the error.

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Table of Contents:

Download Computer Malware Repair Tool
It is recommended to run a không lấy phí scan with Combo Cleaner - a tool lớn detect malware and fix computer errors. You will need to purchase the full version to remove sầu infections & eliminate computer errors. Free trial available. Combo Cleaner is owned and operated by Rcs Lt, the parent company of read more.

Cheông xã Your Time & Date

If the website you are trying to access is actually safe, you might simply need to lớn check your Windows date & time settings, since most websites use security certificates with expiration dates.

If the date và time are incorrect, Mozilla Firefox might consider the certificate required as outdated. If that is the case, you must update the settings.

To bởi so, right-cliông chồng the clochồng on the Taskbar & select "Adjust date/time" from the contextual thực đơn.


Now toggle the switch under "Set time automatically" lớn "Off" position, wait a few seconds, và then turn this option on again.

Alternatively, turn off the "Set time automatically" option, click "Change time", và then set the correct time manually.


Restart Mozilla Firefox & visit the trang web again to lớn see if you still receive the "Your connection is not secure" error.

Restart Your Router

It is possible that the router is causing the "Your connection is not secure" error and needs to lớn be restarted. To restart your router, find the power button và press it until you see the device power down. Wait for about 30 seconds, & then turn the router back on. Wait until it has powered up and configured fully.

Try to visit the website again to see if you still receive sầu the "Your connection is not secure" error.

Scan Your System for Malware

The error may be caused by malware or virut infections on your computer. We recommkết thúc performing a full system scan & seeing if it detects any malware on the system.

You can use Windows Defender, which protects computers against viruses, spyware, other malicious software.

To run a full system scan using Windows Defender, type "virus" in Search và clichồng the "Virus & threat protection" result.


In the Virus và threat protection window, click "Advanced scan".


Select "Full scan" và clichồng "Scan now". This will start scanning your system for malware. If there are any viruses found, delete them.


If you wish, you can choose a virut và malware scanner from our Top anti-malware list. The danh mục contains well-known top spyware removers and will help you choose the right software for your computer"s protection. Cliông chồng this links.

Clear Firefox Browsing History

Browsing history contains records of web pages that you have sầu visited in past browsing sessions & typically includes the name of the website and the corresponding URL.

Other private data components such as cabít, cookies, saved passwords, etc., are also saved during your browsing session. Sometimes clearing this browsing data can fix the "Your connection is not secure" error.

To clear Mozilla Firefox browsing data, cliông xã the three stripes in the top-right corner & select "Options".


Now select "Privacy & Security" on the left pane and then cliông xã "clear your recent history" under "History". Click "Clear Now" under "Cached Web Content".


Restart Mozilla Firefox & visit that particular trang web again to see if you still receive sầu the "Your connection is not secure" error.

Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus

Another reason for the "Your connection is not secure" error is antivi khuẩn software running on the system. Try to disable the SSL scan in your antivirut software (if there is such an option).

If you are not sure whether this option is available or cannot find one, we suggest that you temporarily disable the antivirus software. Read this article to find out how lớn disable antivirus software programs.

Use Private Mode

Data files are used by your computer for various purposes, from keeping a history of the sites you have visited saving specific preferences in small text files known as cookies. Private mode removes most private data components, so they are not left behind at the kết thúc of the current session (when you cthua trận the Private window).

When you are using Private mode, no one else who uses your computer can see your activity. Your saved bookmarks and downloads, however, are saved. This mode does not save cookies, site data, browsing history, or information you enter inlớn forms.

If you are receiving "Your connection is not secure" error when trying khổng lồ access a particular website, visit it in a new Private window by clicking the three stripes in the top-right corner and selecting "New Private Window" from the drop-down thực đơn.

You can also open a new Private window by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + P keys on the keyboard. All new tabs in that window will also be opened in Private mode.


In the new private window, enter the web page address you want lớn visit và see if this method helps overcome the "Your connection is not secure" error in Mozilla Firefox.


We hope this guide helped you fix the "Your connection is not secure" Mozilla Firefox error.

If you know of other solutions to this problem that are not mentioned in our guide, please cốt truyện them with us by leaving a comment in the section below.


Rimvydas is a researcher with over four years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He attended Kaunas University of Technology và graduated with a Master"s degree in Translation & Localization of Technical texts in 2017. His interests in computers & giải pháp công nghệ led hyên to lớn become a versatile author in the IT industry. At, he"s responsible for writing in-depth how-khổng lồ articles for Microsoft Windows. Contact Rimvydas Iliavicius.

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