While starting your computer, are you getting an error message “Windows cannot repair their computer automatically?” Fix it with the solutions discussed here and recover lost data with phamnhan.com.


While starting your computer, are you getting an error message, "Windows cannot repair their computer automatically?" Well, this could be because of your damaged file system or hard drive or because of some vi khuẩn attack. Are you looking for ways lớn fix this issue?

This article will guide you with the possible causes of this error và different ways to solve sầu the problem. You will also learn how lớn get lost data with phamnhan.com.

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Go through it to lớn resolve the issue and browse your system without facing any trouble.

Part 1: What causes this error?

Before learning the different ways to fix the "Windows cannot repair their computer automatically" issue, you must know the cause of it. Some of the comtháng reasons that lead lớn this problem are:

1. Damaged File System

While working on your system, if you experience any sudden power outage, it can corrupt the tệp tin system. Moreover, any virut attaông xã or disk writing error can also cause this issue. When the tệp tin system gets corrupted, Windows try lớn repair the damaged file. But if it fails, it shows the error on your screen.

2. Damaged hard drive

If there is some problem with a computer"s hard drive, it might not boot. Problems like the formation of bad sectors in your hard drive sầu can interrupt the normal startup.

3. Virus or Malware attack

A virus or malware attacks on the systems boot file can change the coding of the file & make it unusable. If this happens, it hinders the boot process of the system.

4. Power nguồn fluctuation

If you vì chưng have a voltage stabilizer for your computer, then the fluctuations can also damage the system"s power supply. Any damage lớn the power supply of computer or any other hardware can prevent it from booting normally.

Part 2: Fixes for "Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically"

You now know the possible causes of the error - Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically. Now we will discuss the possible solutions.

Solution 1: Utilize the Bootrec Tool (bootrec.exe)

The Microsoft tool, Bootrec, or bootrec.exe pháo utility helps in Windows recovery. If the problem is because of damaged BCD or MBR, then you can go for this solution. Proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: First restart your system, and when you see your Windows logo sản phẩm, press F8 when Windows prompts you to lớn vày so.

Step 2: Navigate through the options of "Advanced boot" và select "Repair your computer" and cliông xã on "Commvà Prompt."



Step 3: Run the commands mentioned below:

Bootrec /fixmbrBootrec /fixboot


Once the commands completed successfully, try rebooting the system & see if the problem is fixed.

Solution 2: Using the CHKDSK feature

CHKDSK is the popular utility that you can use khổng lồ fix system errors. From identifying bad sectors lớn making your system error-không tính phí, it can help you in all. Proceed with the following steps khổng lồ solve sầu the problem:

Step 1: First restart your system, and when you see your Windows logo sản phẩm, press F8 when Windows prompts you to lớn vày so.

Step 2: Select "Repair your computer" & then "comm& prompt" in the same way as done in the above solution.

Step 3: Type chkdsk d: /f/r and press the Enter key.


Step 4: Restart the computer, CHKDSK will now scan your hard drive to lớn fix if it finds any problem.

If you face any trouble while running the chkdsk commands, then run these commands first. Here -> represents enter.

diskpart -> list disk -> select disk * (*=0, 1, 2 means your disk number) -> attrib disk clear read-only


diskpart -> các mục vol -> sel vol * (*=0, 1, 2 means your disk number) -> attrib vol clear read-only

After running both the above commands, try lớn exeđáng yêu the CHKDSK commvà once again.

Solution 3: Persize a Clean Boot

Restart your system inlớn safe mode for the clean boot. Once the system starts in safe mode, immediately take backup to lớn avoid any data loss. Here are the detailed steps for the clean boot.

Step 1: Hold the keys "Windows + R" lớn open "Run." Now type MSConfig followed by entering.


Step 2: Now proceed the following path

Boot - > Safe Boot -> Minimal - > Apply


Step 3: Go to lớn "Services" select the option "Hide all Microsoft services" then clichồng "Disable all" & "Apply." It will disable all the installed third-buổi tiệc nhỏ services.


Step 4: Tap on Startup, select Disable all & cliông xã on Apply.


Step 5: Now restart the system by selecting "start Windows normally."

Solution 4: Try modifying the SATA Mode

SATA identifies how your hard drive interacts with the system. You have three options - AHCI, IDE, và RAID, khổng lồ configure SATA. IDE is the simple mode, and AHCI enables the usage of advanced features. Try changing the modes with the below steps:

Step 1: Restart your computer & press DEL or F2 lớn enter BIOS. Find the "Storage Configuration." Usually, it is in "Main."

Step 2: Here, interchange the modes. Like if its IDE converts it to lớn AHCI or vice versa.

Step 3: Now move lớn "Advanced -> Onboard Devices Configuration."

Step 4: As done in Step 2, again interchange the modes, but this time change it for "Controller"

Now check whether the system boots normally.

Solution 5: Back up your Data

Before analyzing your hard drive, it is necessary to lớn baông xã up the data first. Proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: xuất hiện the command prompt và enter notepad


Step 2: Now follow the following path in Notepad.

File -> mở cửa - > Files of type -> All files

Now all the files all visible

Step 3: Choose the data for which you need backup. Here right-click on it and then select copy

Step 4: Open "My Computer" select the external hard drive sầu khổng lồ paste all the required data in it.

Solution 6: Verify your computer"s HDD Physically

Examine the hard drive sầu physically. There may be chances of loose connections. Connect it on other system và chkdsk. Make sure that on the systems hard drive sầu, the option is set lớn boot priority. Still, if the issue is not resolved, you need to lớn install a clean version of Windows again. But vày not forget to lớn take the backup.

However, due to lớn some reason, if you are unable to lớn take the backup, vì not worry. Retrieve sầu your data with the phamnhan.com data recovery software.

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Part 3: How khổng lồ recover data from the unbootable computer if the above methods fail?

After trying all the above methods, if you fail to lớn boot your system, & have lost your data, then phamnhan.com data recovery software comes as your savior. Safe & reliable software recovers all your lost data safely và effectively from the system. It doesn"t matter how, và from where you have sầu lost data, the data recovery software has the maximum recovery rate.