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Bạn đang xem: Mega man x8

a game by Capcom
Platforms: PC, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 đánh giá
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 9 votes
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Mega Man X8 is the eighth and final installment in the Mega Man X series, a spin-off of the classic NES action game, Mega Man. Playing as a robotic anh hùng with exceptional skill in both weapons and traversal, you"ll battle through a fierce app android war as you uncover the truth behind a mysterious plot. Like the classic Mega Man series, the gameplay is mostly side-scrolling, pitting players against both tough platforming sections and challenging enemies & bosses. After dozens of Mega Man games, does Mega Man X8 have sầu what it takes khổng lồ keep things interesting? It"s time to find out if this is a proper send-off for the Mega Man X franchise or a disappointing finale.

Main Game Features

Retro-inspired 2.5 chiều platformingUnique bosses with obtainable weaponry8 stages of intense and colorful action


Mega Man X8 takes place far in the future, where a terrible war between factions of androids has caused humanity lớn panic. Using newfound technology, humans build a giant elevator lớn the moon called the Jakob Project. By the advanced elevator và neutral androids, humanity hopes lớn completely move sầu off-planet. One night while patrolling, a heroic app android named X discovers a crashed elevator car và investigates. Expecting lớn find injured civilians or workers, X hurries khổng lồ help, but instead finds an army of new androids with shape-shifting powers.


Led by another android named Lumine, the army pledges that they are there to help assist with humanity"s efforts. Unfortunately, an old villain from X"s past comes baông xã và kidnaps Lumine, sparking even more war and turmoil. Playing as X, you must battle through the war-torn, sci-fi environments and battle against app android foes as you uncover the truth behind the Jakob Project & Lumine"s army. It"s an interesting story that"s much more complex than the classic Mega Man games, offering more intrigue and mystery. While it might be a bit too complicated for some, most players should enjoy the narrative in Mega Man X8.


In Mega Man X8, players control one of three characters, X, Axl, và Zero. While all of the characters offer similar play-styles, each one has quality powers or strengths. For instance, X và Axl are both great for taking out enemies from afar with their various firearms, while Zero slashes through enemies in close-quarters fights. There are eight stages in total, progressing in a linear fashion, with major bosses punctuating each level. As you defeat each boss, you"ll earn their weapon (or general power) for use in later levels. Certain weapons are more effective sầu against specific enemies và bosses, adding a great layer of strategy to lớn the action.Unlượt thích Mega Man X7, X8 features entirely 2.5D levels, removing the aspects of 3 chiều navigation. There have sầu also been some character balances & changes, meant lớn produce a more classic Mega Man feel. While the flashy polygonal graphics might make you feel otherwise, the gameplay và core concepts of Mega Man X8 are still firmly rooted in the series" past. If you enjoy blasting down enemies in challenging yet colorful environments while expanding your arsenal with new gear, there"s plenty of stuff to lớn lượt thích about Mega Man X8.


While it"s not the best game in the Mega Man X series, Mega Man X8 does a good job closing out the franchise. The story can be a bit convoluted at times, but its hardly the focus, as the explosive và addictive sầu action is sure to lớn keep you engaged. Beating bosses và experimenting with new equipment is as fun as ever, beckoning you to perfect your strategy.

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Multiple difficulty modes và unlockable goodies make return visits worthwhile, making Mega Man X8 a decent game for multiple playthroughs. Whether you"re a die-hard Mega Man tín đồ or simply interested in some colorful action, Mega Man X8 offers it in full.


Cool trùm và weapon designsClassic gameplay feelEach playable character is fun & unique


Polygonal graphics aren"t as effectiveConfusing plot elementsSome levels can be frustrating