Rockstar Games has launched the Social Club phầm mềm, which offers Rockstar Games members in-game và online benefits. Users have sầu exclusive sầu access to cars, weapons, closets, hairstyles, stats, etc., available only lớn club members.

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Many GTA V players have sầu recently reported receiving the error message “Failed khổng lồ initialize Social Club”. The error message “Error code 17” appears randomly when they try khổng lồ start the game. Are you one of them? Don’t worry about it. Here are some possible workarounds.

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How to lớn solve sầu GTA V “Social Club Failed to lớn Initialize” error code 17?Frequently Asked Questions

What causes error code 17 “Social Club Failed to Initialize” in GTA V?


It turns out that most of the cases where this problem has been reported were due to lớn a local configuration profile error. If this is the case, you can solve sầu the problem by reinstalling the entire game thư mục by renaming some files with the .old extension.

If you run the game through Steam, check if the game name contains any special characters. Social Club is known khổng lồ cause this error if the name contains special characters such as `#$%~`. Luckily you can easily edit your Steam profile và remove sầu any special characters that could cause GTA V lớn crash.

If you are trying lớn run the game through Steam, another reason that can cause this problem is that your Steam name does not match. For some strange reason, Social Club causes a Social Club Failed to lớn Initialize (Error Code 17) error when your Steam tài khoản contains special characters.

Another quite comtháng reason for interrupting the GTA V launch sequence on PC is the severely outdated date và time. Social Club Launcher checks in the background if the hệ thống date và time match the kết thúc user’s date và time. If they don’t match, you can expect the “Social Club Failed khổng lồ Initialize (Error Code 17)” error.

How lớn solve GTA V “Social Club Failed to lớn Initialize” error code 17?


Chechồng the game files

This error can be caused by corrupted files in the GTA V folder. Whenever you launch your game with the Steam client, it refers lớn specific game files to initialize the Social Club application. If these files are corrupted or missing, the process will fail và an error message will be displayed. So try restoring the problematic game files and see if that solves the problem.

Go khổng lồ the Start menu, find Steam & click on the client icon when it appears in the results. You can also double-cliông xã the application inhỏ on your desktop if you have one.When Steam is open, go khổng lồ the top of the window and cliông xã on Library.When you see a danh sách of games, find GTA V, right-click on it, and then select Properties.Once you see the game’s properties page on the right, click on the Local Files tab.On the “Local Files” tab, clichồng the “Chechồng Game File Integrity” button.Now the client will start comparing game files on your computer with updated versions on their servers. If the game tệp tin does not match its counterpart, Steam will automatically replace it.Keep in mind that the duration of the process depends on the overall speed of the system, the strength of your Internet connection, & the kích thước of the files being replaced.After the client confirms your game’s installation, restart it & run GTA V to lớn kiểm tra the problem.

Grant administrative rights to lớn the “Social Club” application

It’s possible that “Social Club failed to initialize. Error Code 17” appears because the Social Club ứng dụng does not have permission to lớn run correctly. The main solution khổng lồ this problem is to lớn give the program administrative sầu rights.

Launch the File Explorer window. You can vị this by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting File Explorer. If you want khổng lồ launch the application faster, cliông xã the folder ibé in the taskbar or press the Windows key & the E key on your keyboard simultaneously.When File Explorer is open, go khổng lồ the left pane of the window and cliông xã on This PC.Go lớn the right side of the window & open the Windows volume, which under normal circumstances should be the local C drive sầu.Once the local C volume is displayed, open the Programs (x86) folder.While in the Programs (x86) folder, open the Rockstar Games thư mục.Now find the Social Club folder in the Rockstar Games folder và open it.Once you find the folder, navigate to lớn the “subprocess.exe” tệp tin, right-clichồng it, và then select Properties.When the Properties dialog box opens, cliông chồng the Compatibility tab.On the Compatibility tab, select the “Run this program as administrator” check box, then cliông xã OK.

Reinstall the Social Club application

According to lớn Rockstar Games, the most common cause of the “Failed lớn initialize” error is improper installation. If nothing has worked so far, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Social Club phầm mềm.

Uninstalling Social Club:

Press the magnifying glass on the taskbar or press the Windows key & the S key at the same time to open the search function next lớn the Start button.Then type “Control Panel” without the quotes và cliông xã Control Panel when the results appear.When the Control Panel window is open, cliông chồng Uninstall a program under Programs.When the Programs and Features window opens, find Social Club, cliông chồng it, & then cliông xã Uninstall.Accept all pop-ups và follow the wizard’s instructions to uninstall the application.

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Now go to lớn the Rockstar Games trang web, tải về the Social Club application, & then make sure you install the application in the correct directory – Program FilesRockstar GamesSocial Club – so you can access it properly. Also, make sure that you are logged inlớn the correct Social Club trương mục when making settings.