Realtek HD Audio Driver is the most commonly used sound driver for managing the sound settings for the Windows system. Realtek High Definition Audio Manager comes packed along with the Realtek Audio driver. This basically is the most commonly used sound driver that is loaded with incredible features & supports a six-channel Digital khổng lồ Analog Converter (DAC) with 16.trăng tròn.24-bit Pulse Code Modulation in channel audio of 5.1.Fundamentally, the sound driver eases the sound control play on the Windows desktop & is known to offer a high-unique sound khổng lồ your system or headphone through the audio card. It is tagged with your audio device or adapter to enhance the sound experience. Recently, Windows users have reported difficulty in accessing the sound driver. The users have also had the Realtek HD Audio Manager inhỏ being lost or gone astray from the taskbar, system tray, và notification section. The issue might have probably triggered either after the Windows update or due to a change in native audio driver or sound card.In this article, we show you how & where to tải về và reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager for your Windows 10 operating system. This post also includes suggestions for the following issues:

Realtek HD Audio Manager inhỏ missing

Realtek HD Audio Manager missing

Realtek HD Audio Manager not opening.

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You may want to lớn create a system restore point before you begin.

Download & Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager

Before downloading the new drivers, uninstall all the current drivers. In order khổng lồ avoid duplicate conflicts amuốn several drivers, one must kiểm tra the driver version và uninstall the duplicate audio drivers as well. To vày this follow these steps-Cliông xã on the Start button and navigate to Device Manager. You can also access it via the Control Panel.

Exp& Sound, video clip và game controllers from the các mục in Device Manager.Under this, locate the audio driver Realtek High Definition Audio.Right-click on it & select Uninstall device from the drop-down menu.

Check the option with Delete the driver software for this device và hit the uninstall button.
Now go lớn the Views tab and clichồng on Show hidden devices from the drop-down menu.
Now tìm kiếm for duplicate audio drivers if any. Right-cliông chồng on it and hit the Uninstall option.Restart the system.You can download the Realtek HD Audio Manager utility from here. Click on the executable file to lớn start its installation. Should you face compatibility issues, you may install it in Compatibility Mode.
To manually download the Realtek HD Audio drivers, you need lớn visit the official trang web of Realtek. You will have to lớn kiểm tra in the following two places for its availability:Visit here và see if your software is available.
If it is, then tải về it. If not then tìm kiếm for High Definition Audio Codecs here on It is important to lớn tải về the correct drivers.
The tải về page will list the available audio drivers for tải về.Once the downloading process is complete, double-cliông xã on the cài đặt files and follow the instructions to complete the installation.If in spite of reinstalling the Realtek HD Audio, if you still find the component missing, or no Speaker icon or Display icon, or if you find difficulty opening it, follow these suggestions.

Resolve sầu Realtek HD Audio Manager issues

1> Disable Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio và fix driver conflicts

In the Device Manager, expvà the System DevicesSearch and locate Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.Right-cliông xã on it and cliông chồng Disable from the drop-down.mở cửa Windows Settings & go lớn Apps và FeaturesClick on Realtek High Definition Audio Driver & hit the option with Uninstall the driver.
Restart the system.Fix: Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure, Error OxC0000374.

3> Update the Sound driver software

If the Realtek HD Audio is still missing, then bởi vì the following.Open Device Manager.Exp& Sound, video, & game controllers.Right-cliông xã on Realtek High Definition Audio và clichồng on Update driver from the drop-down menu.
Assuming that you have the latest driver cài đặt file on your computer, choose Browse my computer for driver software.
Choose and select Let me piông xã from a danh sách of available drivers on my computer.Search and piông xã the latest driver by date và then clichồng Next to lớn update.This can also resolve sầu issues with Surround sound, if any.Read: How lớn use Realtek HD Audio Manager lớn boost up your PC Sound.

4> Add Legacy hardware

Go to Device Manager.Search và clichồng on the Sound, đoạn Clip & game controllers.Click on the Action tab.Search and cliông chồng on Add legacy hardware from the drop-down menu.
Cliông xã on the Next button and select the radio button for Search for và install the hardware automatically (Recommended).
Click on Next and manually install the driver again.

Why can’t I find Realtek HD Audio Manager?

If you are not able lớn find the Realtek HD audio manager in Control Panel, you can find it in File Explorer. Go to C:Program FilesRealtekAudioHDA. Double-cliông chồng on RtkNGUI64.exe pháo. You will find Realtek HD audio manager. If you still can’t find Realtek audio manager, then you may need to reinstall Realtek audio manager by updating your Realtek HD audio driver.Read: NVIDIA drivers not downloading, installing, detected, loading or working.

Do I need Realtek HD Audio Manager?

Realtek High definition audio driver is essential for connecting the audio systems in your Windows PC with sound cards & speakers. If there are no problems with the audio, then this driver may not be needed for running your Desktop audio.

How bởi I add Realtek to lớn Device Manager?

To add Realtek lớn Device Manager, go to lớn the Device Manager, scroll down to lớn “Sound, đoạn phim and game controllers” và find “Realtek High Definition Audio”.Related: NVIDIA drivers not downloading or working.

How vị I redownload Realtek Audio Manager?

To retải về Realtek audio driver Windows 10, you have to lớn press the Windows key + X hotkeys. Then, select Device Manager on the thực đơn. Double-cliông chồng Sound, đoạn phim & game controllers khổng lồ expand that category. Further, right-cliông xã Realtek High Definition Audio và select the Uninstall device option. After completing this, restart your Windows PC after uninstalling the Realtek audio driver. Then reinstall the Realtek audio driver manually.This should help fix audio driver issues and improve sound chất lượng – but should you need any Driver Support, please feel miễn phí lớn ask us và we will try our best lớn help you.Read next: Where to tải về drivers for Windows 11/10.

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