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Now I will show you How you can easily Find out the Wifi Password with the help of Command Prompt, this is a very easy triông xã, in this, you only have sầu to lớn type a one-line comm& & you will get the Password of that Wifi. So Follow the steps for Haông chồng Wifi Password.First, press Windows + R key on Keyboard & hit EnterThen type CMD in the run comm& box and hit EnterThen a “black color window” will open in front of youThen type a comm&.netsh wlan show protệp tin name=” WIFI NAME ” key=clear
WIFI NAME ” replace with the wifi name which is connected with your computer.


If you want to Haông chồng Wifi Password, then it may happen that the Commvà Prompt method may not work on your máy vi tính or computer or show an error, because of some directory or connectivity issue.But this Method 100% working method, In this you will not have to type any command of any method nor type the name of any wifi, in this you only have sầu to go to a location và by going there you will easily get the Connected Wifi Password in your computer.
First, press Windows button và type Control Panel.Then open Control PanelNow clichồng on Network & Internet optionThen click on Network and Sharing CentreThen you will see a your connections with InternetNow cliông xã on connected Wifi NameThen you will see a new WindowThen clichồng on Wireless Properties optionThen go khổng lồ security


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