Easy WiFi Radar helps you lớn find and connect to không lấy phí wireless access points with a single mousecliông chồng. It"s WiFi for Dummies. Connect to lớn open hotspots automatically. Get your mail and browse the website without connection charges. The ikhuyến mãi WiFi-tool for frequent travellers và điện thoại professionals.Quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Easy wifi radar

NEW Easy WiFi Radar Pro

* Shows more không lấy phí hotspots in your area on an interactive sầu map

* Lets you set your own trang đích (no more ads)

* Automatically gets your tin nhắn when connected

* Allows you lớn mix a trang chính or office WEP-key

* Get software on CD (optional)

Buy Easy WiFi Radar Pro for only $12.95 / EUR 9.95

1. Installation

Run the Easy WiFi Radar Installer. The application will be installed in the Programs folder. You find it in the Windows XP Start Menu All Programs Easy WiFi Radar. There will also be a desktop shortcut.

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2. Automatic Operation

Start the software and Easy WiFi Radar wil begin scanning for wireless access points. It will give you information about the ongoing process in the floating text box. You may optionally hide that info-window, the scanning will continue. Easy WiFi Radar may find three possible types of access points, indicated by three colors:

▪Green squares represent an open access point, not encrypted, with a strong signal. Easy WiFi Radar will try lớn connect khổng lồ those first.


Yellow squares represent an open access point, not encrypted, but with a weak signal. Easy WiFi Radar will try to lớn connect lớn those if it can"t connect to lớn a green acces point..

▪Red squares represent a closed access point, encrypted with a WEP-key. Easy WiFi Radar will only try to lớn connect khổng lồ those if you provided a WEP-key in the Options Menu. If you provide an incorrect WEP-key, it will not be able to connect. Currently, Easy WiFi Radar does not tư vấn WPA-encryption or other forms of security.

If the radar finds an access point and connects lớn it, it will automatically try to request an IP-number from the access point. If it succesfully receives the IP-number, it will automatically demo the connection. And if that thử nghiệm is positive, it will automatically open your webbrowser và connects lớn the internet. You will hear a sound effect to lớn indicate a successfull connection.

The Radar will hide in the lower right corner of your screen (the so called " system tray icon").


If it fails to lớn connect properly, it will jump khổng lồ the next strongest acces point và tries that one. And so on. Even while driving in your oto, you may use Easy WiFi Radar to detect & connect to lớn wireless access points.


3. Tray Menu

You may cliông xã on the little ibé in the system tray & a pop-up thực đơn will show with several options.

Quit - ends the application và will restore windows mặc định wireless settings

New Scan - will initiate a new tìm kiếm for an internet connection. You may use this if the connection got lost for whatever reason.

Show Radar - will show you the current overview of all access points in reach & the one you"re connected lớn will be displayed in the status box.

Options (picture left) - brings up the advanced options thực đơn :

a) Radar Sound - allows you to lớn turn off the "swoosh" sound. Next time you start Easy WiFi radar, it won"t play.

b) When connected - This feature is only available in the paid version, not in the không tính phí versin. It allows you khổng lồ mix the webpage that Easy WiFi radar opens when it finds & connects succesfully to an access point. If you need this feature, you can buy a version of Easy WiFi Radar that allows that. For example, you can phối it khổng lồ connect lớn your webmail when it finds a không tính phí wifi connection.

c) trang chủ / Office WEP.. Key - allows you lớn enter the security code that may have sầu been set on your trang chính or office access point. Easy WiFi Radar will only try khổng lồ connect lớn secured access points if you provided a WEP-key in the Options Menu. If you provide an incorrect WEP-key, it will not be able khổng lồ connect.

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When you have sầu changed one of the values in the options screen, you must press Save sầu khổng lồ store those. When you press Cthua thảm, the settings won"t be saved and the windows will hide.

4. Manual Operation

A) Pushing the X-button in the upper right corner of the radar, will hide the application in the system tray & stops the "swoosh"-sound. The scanning process, however, will continue in the background.

B) Pushing the square button in the radar screen will quit và exit the software. The default wireless manager in Windows XP will take over again.

C) Pushing the ► triangle button will initiate a new scan-and-connect sequence.

D) When you hover your mouse over the colored dots in the radar screen, you will see the names of the Access Points in range & their signal strength. If you double-click one of them, Easy WiFi Radar will stop the automatic connection and will manually connect lớn that Access Point.

E) If the software is hidden in the System Tray, you may start a new scan-and-connect by clicking on the inhỏ and chosoing New Scan from the pop-up thực đơn. The current connection will be stopped as soon as a new one is found. Alternatively, you can choose Show Radar & press the triangular play button khổng lồ start a new scan.

5. Help/FAQ

You may find Frequently Asked Questions about this software on our webpage: http://www.phamnhan.com/ewr100faq.html

Important Notice. Access Points may be secured with a WEPhường or WPA-key. This software does NOT allow lớn connect lớn secured access points unless you have full access rights. In some countries, it may even be considered illegal lớn connect to lớn open non-secured access point without permission of the owner. phamnhan.com Interactive does not encourage doing so và may not be held liable in any case.