This tool lets you convert MOV khổng lồ MP4 online for không tính phí. To convert large MOVs to MP4, try’s desktop converter.

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Chechồng out the desktop app

MOV files are high-unique videos, but not every truyền thông media program will play them. MP4 files offer universal accessibility & take up less storage space. There are several easy ways lớn convert MOV files to MP4 to lớn provide broader access and smaller file sizes.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the easiest ways lớn bởi MOV-to-MP4 conversion. If you"re looking for a miễn phí ứng dụng or an online video clip converter, keep on reading.





Rapid video conversion: Video ConverterConverts videos quicklyDoes not download online videos
Converting videos from cloud storage: CloudConvertConvert MOV khổng lồ MP4 from Google Drive, OneDrive sầu, & DropboxLimits number of conversions per day
Converting MOV files without adjusting parameters: ZamzarFree conversion for videos up to lớn 50 MBThe không tính tiền version is slower than paid version
Converting MOV files while adjusting đoạn Clip & audio quality: Online Video ConverterChange video clip resolution và audio bitrateLimited tệp tin size
Editing video clip while converting khổng lồ MP4: FreeconvertPlenty of Clip editing capabilitiesThe trang web contains ads
Converting multiple Clip files at once: Free Video ConverterFreeSlower conversion & watermarks
Converting files for particular devices: Freemake Video ConverterAllows you to lớn select the type of device on which you will watch đoạn phim fileThe không tính tiền version includes a watermark on a video

Best for: rapid, high-chất lượng video clip conversion

OS: Windows, macOS offers an efficient application for converting MOV files to MP4 without loss of unique – Video Converter. The program uses SuperSpeed công nghệ, which allows it lớn convert even large files in a matter of minutes. Apart from converting, the phầm mềm also lets you edit your files the way you want: crop, rotate, & tryên your videos, adjust the color parameters, change the video resolution và bitrate, or add subtitles. Video Converter supports more than 180 media formats and has over 200 presets for all popular devices, including iPhone, ipad tablet, Android-based devices, Xbox, PlayStation, và many more.

If you prefer text instructions, you can read our short guide below. Just tải về the program for your Windows PC or Mac and give sầu it a try yourself.

Get for Free
Get for Free

Read our short guide below to lớn learn how khổng lồ transform MOV files to lớn MP4 in just a few clicks with Just tải về the program for your Windows PC or Mac và give it a try yourself.

Step 1. Install the MOV-to-MP4 converter

Run the downloaded file & follow the instructions khổng lồ install Video Converter on your computer.

Step 2. mở cửa files for conversion

Cliông chồng the Add Media button in the upper-left corner and select the Add Video option. Now locate the MOV files that you want to lớn turn khổng lồ MP4 and add them to lớn the phầm mềm by clicking Open.


Step 3. Specify the output format

mở cửa the list of supported đoạn Clip formats by clicking the Video tab. Locate the collection of MP4 presets và select the desired one.

Step 4. Edit your videos (optional)

If you want to make changes in your videos before conversion, cliông xã the Edit button in the right portion of the tệp tin information section. You’ll see a new window with a number of tabs.

Select the Stabilization tab and try different available options to lớn reduce shaking in your đoạn phim. Choose the Audio tab lớn manage the volume levels of the đoạn phim or even reduce background noise. In the Adjustments tab, you can mix desired values of brightness, contrast, saturation, & other parameters. You can also add effects, subtitles, or watermarks by opening the appropriate tabs & specifying elements you want to add. Use the tabs Crop, Rotate, & Trim to lớn cut đoạn Clip edges, rotate the footage, or trim away unwanted fragments.


Step 5. Compress MOV files (optional)

If you have large MOV files that you want lớn export to MP4, you can also compress them on the way using Video Converter.

Just cliông chồng on the file form size value shown in the output information. In the dialog box that opens, phối the desired kích cỡ, chất lượng, & bitrate by moving the appropriate slider. Clichồng Convert sample khổng lồ see how a file fragment will look after conversion.

Step 6. Convert MOV lớn MP4

Clichồng Convert to lớn start the operation. The app supports batch conversion so you can transcode multiple files simultaneously. When the conversion is complete, the thư mục containing the output files will open automatically.

* Video Converter

The ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá way lớn get your truyền thông media in the format you need!

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Download for FreeAbout the Windows version
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Download for FreeAbout the Mac version

How to lớn convert MOV (QuickTime) khổng lồ MP4 (MPEG-4) for miễn phí online

One of the ways khổng lồ convert your MOV files to MP4 is lớn use an online converter. Take a look at the few options described below & choose the one you lượt thích best.


Best for: converting videos from cloud storage

This online MOV-to-MP4 converter supports more than 200 formats, MOV và MP4 among muốn them. You can upload a file for conversion from your computer. Alternatively, you can upload a video clip from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive sầu. You can use CloudConvert to convert MOV khổng lồ MP4 online even over 500 MB – the maximum kích thước of uploaded files is 1 GB. Before you start the conversion, you can adjust various settings. For example, you can select the audio codec và change the audio volume. CloudConvert also lets you customize the resolution of the output đoạn Clip. If you want to convert a fragment from your đoạn Clip, you can use the trimming option.

CloudConvert allows up khổng lồ 25 không tính phí conversions per day. For more conversions, you’ll need to buy additional conversion minutes either in a form of a package or a monthly subscription.

Here’s how lớn convert MOV to MP4 with CloudConvert.

Step 1. Open the converter’s website

Cliông xã the liên kết below to go to lớn the CloudConvert website.

Go to CloudConvert

Step 2. Add your file

Hit the Select File button, pichồng your MOV Clip for conversion, and cliông chồng Open.

Step 3. Set the export parameters

Click the Wrench ibé & adjust the settings of the output đoạn phim. Hit Okay.

Step 4. Transfer MOV to MP4

Hit the Convert button, wait until the conversion is done, và cliông xã Download khổng lồ save sầu the tệp tin on your computer.

Best for: converting đoạn phim files without changing any of the parameters

Zamzar is another tool that can help you convert MOV lớn MP4 for không tính phí online. The service supports the most popular video formats, và can also convert other types of media: audio, images, and documents. As for video clip conversion, Zamzar lets you convert files up to 50 MB for không tính phí. This online MOV-to-MP4 converter doesn’t offer any options for adjusting the parameters of your output video clip. But if you simply need khổng lồ change MOV to MP4, Zamzar will be helpful. To convert videos larger than 50 MB, you’ll need lớn subscribe to one of the paid plans offered by the service. The conversion tốc độ will be 5 times higher than in the không lấy phí version.

To convert MOV khổng lồ MP4 online with Zamzar, follow these simple steps.

Step 1. xuất hiện the converter

xuất hiện the converter by clicking the link below.

Go khổng lồ the converter"s website

Step 2. Upload your MOV video

Cliông xã the Add Files button & select the MOV Clip you want to convert. Alternatively, you can drag và drop your tệp tin into the converter’s page or click select link & insert the URL of your đoạn phim.

Step 3. Start the conversion & save the file

Hit Convert Now. Once your tệp tin is converted, click Download.

Best for: converting MOV files while adjusting đoạn phim và audio quality

With Online Video Converter, you can convert .mov files to all popular Clip và audio formats. Apart from changing the format, you can also change the video clip resolution và audio bitrate of your file. If you want to convert a fragment from your video, you can specify the timecodes for the start and the over of this fragment, and the converter will tryên ổn your Clip accordingly. Mind that the tệp tin form size for the miễn phí conversion is limited. To convert large files, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

Follow the steps below khổng lồ convert QuickTime (.mov) to lớn MP4 with Online Video Converter.

Step 1. Visit the website

Cliông xã the link below lớn open the Online Video Converter website.

Go to the Online Video Converter website

Step 2. Upload your MOV file

Clichồng Add Your Media lớn find and select the MOV tệp tin you want khổng lồ convert. If you want to upload a đoạn Clip from Dropbox or Google Drive sầu, cliông xã the arrow next lớn Add Your Media và select the suitable option.

Step 3. Adjust the export parameters (optional)

Clichồng the Cogwheel icon. Choose the desired value from the Video resolution drop-down menu. To change the audio bitrate, open the danh sách of bitrates under Audio quality and select the option you need.

Step 4. Do the online MOV-to-MP4 conversion

Hit the Convert button. After the file has been uploaded and converted, you’ll be able to download the new tệp tin to lớn your computer.

Best for: editing videos while converting them to lớn MP4s

Freeconvert is a useful tool that can help you convert MOV lớn MP4 online (over 100 MB). It also enables you khổng lồ adjust additional settings for your output đoạn phim. You can choose the video clip codec, resolution, aspect ratio, và frame rate. Freeconvert lets you rotate and flip your Clip as well. There’s even an option lớn add subtitles lớn your video clip file. Apart from that, you can adjust the audio parameters, including the audio codec, bitrate, và volume. You can add fade-in và fade-out effects if you wish or remove sầu the audio traông chồng from your video clip. Keep in mind that the free version has some limitations, for example, the file kích cỡ is limited khổng lồ 1 GB, and there are ads on the converter’s webpage.

This is how lớn change the format of your đoạn Clip from MOV khổng lồ MP4 with Freeconvert.

Step 1. mở cửa Freeconvert’s website

Click the link below to lớn open Freeconvert.

Go to lớn Freeconvert

Step 2. Add your MOV file

Cliông chồng Choose Files, select the đoạn phim you want to lớn convert to MP4, & clichồng Open. You can also add your file from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL. Clichồng the arrow on the right of the Choose Files button and select the option you need.

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Step 3. Adjust the settings (optional)

Cliông chồng the Cogwheel icon and adjust the Clip and audio settings as needed. Then click Apply Settings.

Step 4. Convert the file

Hit Convert To MP4. Once the conversion is done, clichồng Download MP4.

Pros and cons of the online method

Online conversion is a convenient way lớn change the format of your videos since you don"t have lớn install any software on your computer. Almost all online conversion tools support MOV & MP4, so you have sầu a wide range of converters to lớn choose from. Many online converters offer additional options, like adjusting the Clip and audio parameters, rotating & trimming your file, or adding subtitles.

However, online services have sầu certain limitations. In most cases, the form size of the uploaded tệp tin is limited in the không lấy phí version. Sometimes, the number of conversions per day is limited as well. The tốc độ of conversion is not as fast as in desktop converters. Another drawback is that some converter websites contain a lot of ads.

So, online conversion tools are the best choice if you have sầu only one small file lớn convert. If you have sầu large files for conversion, consider using desktop apps.