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Remote Desktop Software

Overcoming Distance

We believe sầu in software that enhances the productivity & creativity of its users. That is why it is our mission to build a sản phẩm that enables you khổng lồ accomplish great things – from wherever you are in the world.


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Leibniz Institute

Renowned Astrophysical Institute with highest security standards uses fast và safe On-Premises Remote Software.Learn More


International medical company relies on unified & secure Remote Desktop Software within their autonomous internal network.Learn More


Non-profit education institution shapes the new generation of truyền thông media professionals from home page with fast and secure Remote Desktop Software.Learn More


Independent boarding school gives remote support worldwide & network-independent with lean and safe Remote Desktop Software.Learn More


Leading camera specialist relies on high performance Remote Support Software for worldwide equipment tư vấn in live sports events.Learn More

South Bound Brook

Public School benefits from great affordable Remote Support Software for schools, và enjoys fast and secure IT support.Learn More

DHBW Karlsruhe

IT department of State University benefits from a high acceptance of Remote Support Software amongst employees thanks to lớn its ease of use.Learn More

Data Integration Center

Magdeburg Data Integration Center uses"s On-Premises solution for maximum security of sensitive sầu data.Learn More

Wanzl GmbH và Co. KGaA

International family enterprise enables Remote Work for their kinh doanh & graphics staff thanks lớn"s fast & secure solution.Learn More

Sun Chemical

International enterprise of DIC Group uses On-Premises khổng lồ safely connect its global IT team.Learn More

Comune of Udine

Italian Community of Udine implements for Remote Work within short period of time for over 500 employees.Learn More

Areandina University

Colombian university enables virtual class participation & implements fast and easy Remote Access for devices located on campus.Learn More
Runs in Cloud or On-Premises

Choose our cloud solution to benefit from our infrastructure & service or install on your own servers & work completely independently.

Full điện thoại tư vấn

Access và control desktops, servers, machines, và devices via smartphone or tablet. Cross-compatible & platsize independent.

Flexibility và Customization

Create your own version of and fit it to lớn your individual needs. Allow a consistent brvà experience for your users.

Simple, safe, fast: presents Version 7.0 is introducing many new, helpful features with the new Version 7.0 for Windows. has secured more than €60m in Series C funding

The funds, led by General Atlantic, will help lớn further accelerate’s growth as the company develops new products & scales its team.

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Case Study: Sun Chemical Corporation

International enterprise uses On-Premises lớn connect global IT team.